Javascript Lessons

Lesson 8: Rock Paper Scissors

Make an online Rock Paper Scissors game

This lesson was not based on a powerpoint. Instead I talked through the Rock Paper Scissors as an algorithm (I asked them to write a flow chart for their homework) There is also some starting code for them to copy into their Glitch sites from a jsbin link below.

Watch the video which explains this week’s task. You have been given a starting Javascript program which does a basic Rock, Paper, Scissors game and you have been asked to improve it.

Starting Code:,js,output


  1. Write algorithm to work out who wins Grade C
  2. Prevent playing if you haven’t typed anything in Grade B-
  3. Add pictures Grade B+
  4. Add both computer score and user score Grade A
  5. Add pleasing CSS Styles Grade A*
  6. Add another option – Shotgun, Lizard, Spock (Google this!) A**